Relevance of A/B testing to Conversion rate optimization.

Bringing visitors to your site matters but keeping them there matters more and it’s even more beneficial when those visitors are converted to paying customers.

Conversion rate optimization helps you improve the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors to customers using the existing amount of traffic you are currently generating.

Let me break it down:

*Your website is likened to a grocery’s store.

* Some people just enter your store to browse or check out certain goods, they do this and leave without actually buying anything. This exact scenario is like generating traffic for site, you make your store more attractive, more friendly, e.t.c and people/ your store visitors sees this and walks into your store. They walk around, see beautiful stuffs, takes pictures of them to show to their friends. Then the next day, they come back with those friends to see how amazing your store is. They do all these and do not actually pay for any of those things they observe. By bringing their Friends to your store, they are increasing the amount of visitors to your shop not buyers.

* Keeping those visitors and their friends coming back requires creative and active thinking. You explore ways to keep their attention focused on your store.

* All those your ideas and changes you made to your store to attract visitors and grab attention starts yielding results when they actually pick up a product and pay for it.

* It’s not just about increasing the number of visitors to your store but also increasing the amount of buyers.

* Conversion rate optimization is not concerned with your store visitors bringing along their friends in their visit to browse your store but them(your visitors) paying for a product in that first visit or subsequent ones.

*CRO focuses on reducing friction in your sales funnel and enhancing the value of your products.

*CRO helps you to convert your store visitors to leads( you have their full attention) then finally to paying customers.

CRO involves testing so as to recognize the best way to turn those visitors to  payicustomers.

What exactly is A/B TESTING?

In CRO, you evaluate your funnel to identify the changes that’s needed to be done inorder to increase the number of visitors that converts to paying customers. Then you come up with ideas or ways to implement those changes e.g you found out that visitors to your grocery stores are not buying your products because your next door neighbor sells such products at cheaper price. It’s left to you to think up ways to change this- you either copy your neighbor by reducing the price of your products or you devise your own means( you might start the buy-one-get-two method).

After coming up with ideas, you test it to see if it actually works. You try comparing the buy-one-get-two method and your neighbor’s method to see which one works more effectively. Then you implement the better option into your business.

For your website, Change – of landing page, copy, designs, layout, can be the new ideas you implement to boost your customer-base.

A/B TESTING is when you set up two different variations of  web page or landing page and send an equal amount of traffic to both. You then observe to see which one has the highest conversion rate, once you identify a winner you switch to that version.


  1. Determine the right element of landing page, web page or product page that needs to be change to increase conversion rate. These elements might be :

*Landing page copy

* Color schemes



*Call to action copy

*Homepage concept

*Requirements for credit card information, e.t c.

2. Determine the number of variations you want to test- this depends on amount of organic traffic your business generates as you want to keep a meaningful sample size for each variant.

3. Then seek the opinion and input of other members of your team on the variants you want to test. Proceed to choose the right tools like VWO or optimizely  to run your test.

4. Run your test consistently till you get a stable pattern. Then you implement your result into your business.


Just as I illustrated above with your neighbor’s reduction in price method and your new method of buy-one-get-two. When you skip testing and implement your neighbor’s method into your business you are at the risk of disappointment because what works for A might not work for B and your neighbor might not tell you the whole truth that they also added change of staff and redesigning of store to the method.

A/B TESTING helps you to identify the main element of your funnel that needs to be changed to increase your CRO.

Google analytics is a great tool that helps in analyzing your website and recognizing the areas where change is needed.

Click on the link below to read on Google analytics.

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