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There is a Facebook feature that allows you to create a new page with hundreds and even thousands of likes. All you need to do is to convert your Facebook profile to page. However, when you convert your personal Facebook Profile to a page, there are certain advantages as well as some disadvantages 

when you convert your Facebook profile into a page:

  1. It allows you to run ads
  2. It allows you to collect reviews
  3. Your existing friends automatically like your new page
  4. You get more page followers
  5. More page views and lots of other benefits.

But there are some things you’re gonna lose if you do this so, on one hand, it’s really good because you can just convert your profile into a page and you immediately will have hundreds or even thousands of page likes depending on the number of friends, Followers and Pending friend request you already have on your profile.

 It gives your page social proof as it looks like you have been around for a while. But then with your Facebook Page, you can actually start running ads just to reach the friends of your friends, and I think this is an excellent tool. When you post on Facebook normally, you’re not reaching everyone all the time you actually are only reaching a tiny portion of your friends, and that’s going into how Facebook’s algorithm works. With your Facebook page, you can break that limit and get a lot more exposure. 

When you convert your personal profile to a business page, if you had up to 5000 friends on your personal profile, your new page will have close to 5000 page likes on creation. However, not all will convert to page likes. 

when you convert your profile into a page your friends will automatically unfollow you on your profile and like and follow you on your page

What that means is if you convert your Facebook profile to a page you get to lose engagement on your personal Facebook profile as all engagement is diverted to your page because your friends now follow your page and not your personal profile.

Facebook allows you the option to select the people you want to be converted into followers on your new page. Anyone you select will unfollow your profile and now follow your page so they won’t follow both.

Before Converting your Facebook Profile to page, you can choose to unselect all of the friends that you want to keep engaging with actively on your personal profile. By this, I mean you select who should not be automatically converted to page followers. This is a good strategy because you can letter send them invite to like your page. when they like your Facebook business page, they’re gonna be following your personal profile and your business page.

Note that friends that have been converted to page likes will not see your post anymore on your profile. Just be cognizant of that.

You won’t lose them as friends you’ll just lose them as followers on your personal profile as they will now be following your Business page.

when people unfollow you they stop seeing your posts.

You can get more information at Facebook help find some guidelines here and Facebook will kind of guide you through this process. I see this as a great tool I don’t know about you only that you just got to be careful of a couple of things like you could lose some posts of which I recommend you back up your post. So often the benefits outweigh the risk but I just wanted to make sure you have a good understanding of the tools.

When you have a page with 800 or more likes on Facebook people take you pretty seriously so because I think a lot of pages are struggling to get over that 500 like mark. It is just hard to build likes today so this gives you a big head start and it does give you a lot of tools to actually reach out to your audience.

Running ads become very cost-effective as you can easily target your friends and their friends to drive result.

I hope this will help you build your online presence and use digital marketing to achieve results.

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