Newest Trends in Digital Marketing

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The digital marketing space is dynamic. It always changes with new things being added to it and the already known platforms ever improving so as to match the pace at which the world changes also.

Few years ago, the most popular/ go-to-platform had been Facebook but now trends have changed with introduction of other social media platforms like Snapchat, twitter, and more recently tiktok.

These fast shifts highlight the need of following trends and finding the right one to jump on. Choosing the right trends for your business will enable you reach your target audience which is essentially what marketing is all about.

Below are some of the newest trends in digital marketing:

  1. Chatbot is becoming more popular

Chatbot is a cybernetic ‘custodian’ of a platform which uses artificial intelligence to interact with users to give them a maximum experience. Chatbot holds conversation through a chat room and overtime, important data are collected by the system to facilitate in service improvements and amendments.

On Facebook, Chatbot carved out a regular role by tens of thousands for different tasks in 2018 and 2019. An example of a Chatbot is lara.ng a platform created solely for providing answers about transportation fares and routes to residents of Nigeria’s most populous city- Lagos. Lara.ng allows personalized interactions to users without pulling much from limited human resources.

Chatbot operates on 24-hour service delivering instant response to users. Through Chatbot, a good customer relationship can be maintained by businesses.

  • Video marketing

Videos have proven to be a useful tool in marketing simply because a text-based content can’t compete with the influence videos have over customers. it is therefore important that marketers arm themselves with skills useful in creating engaging videos (like planning, scripting, lighting, shooting, editing). Video marketing has more impacts when it is live streamed by social media influencers or celebrities and the influencer interacts directly with comments dropped by the audience.

According to stats from ImpactBND:

70% of consumers have shared a brand’s video.

52% of consumers claim that watching product videos makes them more assured and guides their online purchasing decisions.

  • Email marketing is becoming more important

Email marketing has always been there but it became less popular with the advent of social media marketing. Recently, it evolved and now has the combination of automation and personalization- these two tools made email marketing increasingly important in 2020. When a particular product, its promotional price or demo video is attached to a personalized email, a positive response is sure to be received from the customer.

  • Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger is becoming a useful tool in digital marketing.

These apps allow businesses to reach broad audience with short personalised texts. 63% of online consumers are more likely to return to a business’s website if it has a live chat option.

WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users sending over 55 billion messages every day.

1.3 billion monthly users are active on Facebook messenger, sending more than 10 billion messages every month.

While traditional channels like email and social media are far from dead, there’s no denying that people are more active on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. In the next 5-7 years, messenger marketing is expected to be the number one marketing channel in the world so therefore it is a rational step for businesses to start connecting with people on these platforms.

  • Content marketing is still relevant

Content marketing continues to be an indispensable component of digital marketing. The quality of a content isn’t the only thing that matters now, there’s now more emphasis on the perspective and targeting.

According to Digital Marketing Institute ‘Google is developing a new algorithm that will help it get a better understanding of the natural language in user search queries.’

Advice from Google is that “rather than chase the latest SEO trends, it is important to ensure a site has fast speeds, useful links, and well-written content.”

Reaching your target audience is the key to growing your business, therefore it’s imperative that choose the right trend that will connect you to target audience easily and effectively. Jump on the moving train so you don’t get left behind.

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